Northwest of Bali- the Places You must Visit

There are a few nice beach-side restaurants along the main road through Lovina, but there are also still many traditional warungs serving a variety of Indonesian food. If you enjoy the outdoors you will have your pick of many wonderful activities, such as dolphin watching, walking, trekking, etc. For those of you who are a bit more adventurous, definitely visit Menjangan Island which is renowned for having the best diving and snorkeling in Bali. West Bali has many wonderful sites to see and things to do. The Bali Barat National Park is also worth a visit. Thus, with all that Northern and Western Bali has to offer, visitors are advised to spend at least one week touring these areas.
Temples in the north & west
– The Beji Temple which represents Northern Bali’s colorful architectural style is definitely worth a visit. There are a variety of interesting sculptures on display.
-Maduwe Karang Temple is known for its humorous unique wall carving called “Gentlemen Riding a Bicycle.”
-Jagatnatha Temple is thelargest temple in North Bali and is located in the center of                Singaraja.
-The Sanggar Dwi Mekar is oneof the best Balinese dance and Gamelan Schools headed by      Pak Durpa. This is the cultural training ground for 250 students from North Bali. They          have performed many international shows in Japan, Belgium and Germany.
-Gedong Kirtya is an outstanding library in Singaraja housing thousands of ancient                 Balinese documents. The library’s contents, ‘Lontar,’ consist of Balinese literature,              medical texts and even comic strips called ‘Prasi.’2.jpg

Places to see
On your way to Singaraja or Lovina are some lovely places to visit. Bedugul is renowned for its beautiful ‘Ulun Danu’ temple in Lake Bratan. The lake is situated in a volcanic crater with breathtaking views. The lush tropical grounds are a lovely place for a picnic or stroll. There are also some exotic birds and snakes on display which make a great photo opportunity. Be sure to bring an umbrella, because it frequently rains in this region of Bali. The Botanical Garden, which is just minutes away, holds 200 hectares of land. One can drive through a portion of the gardens and see colorful birds, beautiful flowers & exotic trees. You can continue your trip by heading straight up North from Bedugul to Gitgit Waterfalls which are the tallest waterfalls in Bali. The inviting cool waters of the river below will entice you to take a dip. Coffee, clove & rice terraces surround these lovely falls. Once you have arrived in the Singaraja/Lovina area, you will also have many choices of things to see and do.3.jpg


All About Denpasar

In the olden days, Denpasar was the capital of the Kingdom of Badung, where the Royal Families lived and ruled. Many palaces, built in the traditional Balinese structures can be found here that used to house the royal families. The Palaces (or Puri)were government, administration and cultural life centres. Today, the palaces are gathering points for the culturally creative, with cultural performances, ceremonial activities and traditional dance and music practice. Here is also where the primary patrons of art, music, dance and literature gather. Some palaces to visit are Pemecutan Palace, Satria Grand Place, JeroKuta Palace, and Kesiman Palace.2

A day exploring culture and heritage will not be complete without a visit to the museums. In Denpasar, there are three main museums that will give you the perfect overview of ancient Bali.  In Museum Bali, you’ll find historical artifacts that reflects the ancient Balinese culture, with archeological collections, historical relics, paintings and ethnographic, all of which are housed in three main buildings that were designed to showcase the different Balinese architecture from different districts of Bali including East Bali, Central Bali and North Bali. Take a visit to Museum SidikJari at Jl. HayamWuruk, and view the personal collection of I GustiNgurahGedePemecutan, a Balinese painter famous for his art that were applied on canvas using only his fingers. Next museum to visit is Museum Le Mayeur in Sanur.3

The name Denpasar is originally derived from the Balinese word “den” meaning north, and “pasar” meaning market. Therefore, it is the perfect place to experience the dynamic life of the locals through their their daily activities at the local markets. Join them as they begin the day greeting each other, setting up their stalls, haggle their wares and bargain for prices. There are 5 big traditional markets to visit In Denpasar. Badung Market is the most crowded market because it mostly sells daily needs like vegetables, fish, and fruits. Next to Badung Market is Kumbasari Market, which is more focused on handicraft and textile. Other markets are Satria Bird Market, Kreneng Market, and Sanglah Market.4

What is Bali without its temples? There are over 20,000 temples in Bali and here in Denpasar you’ll find some of the most historic and iconic temples that have played a huge rolein Balinese history. Temples hold huge significance to the local people, both religiously and culturally. In Denpasar, you’ll find the JagatnathaTemple,a beautiful Hindu temple situated in the center of Denpasar City that is the biggest Hindu temple within the capital city.5

Visitor’s Info
For more information about Denpasar and the availability for a Denpasar City Tour, you may visit Denpasar Government Tourism Office (+62 361 234 569). Or, visit

Real Haunted Place In Bali

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that Bali is the go-to destination for holidaymakers and honeymooners. Just thinking about Bali conjures up images of beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear water and bikini babes lying in the tropical sun. But did you know that this gorgeous island actually has a dark side? Shadows lurk in every corner, and those turquoise waves are tainted with stories even the Balinese are too scared to tell. These are tales that may make your hair stand and your blood curdle in your veins.
Do you dare visit these places?2.jpg

Ghost Palace Hotel
Up in the mountains of Bali on the way to the iconic Bedugul Lake, something is stirring in the fog. It’s a ghost story some two decade in the making, and it’s soaked in skin-crawling horrors… Some say the Ghost Palace Hotel (also known as PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort), a construction perched on a hillside, was built by Tommy Suharto. Others say it was a crooked developer who tried to curse his rivals out of the way. If you’re brave enough to explore this place, you’ll likely see the wandering spirits of victims, either laborers crushed in their rush to complete the construction, or competitors cursed to horrible deaths. This hotel may never have been opened to the public, but who knows if it already has a full house every night?3.jpg

The Abandoned Wreck of Padang Padang
Do you believe in divine retribution? If you don’t, the true story of an abandoned ship may give you second thoughts… On a tropical Saturday morning in July of 2008, hours before the start of the famous Rip Curl Padang Cup (Indonesia’s longest-running surfing competition) was due to start, a ghostly shape was spotted on the reef near Padang Padang beach. It was an enormous shipping vessel, the Ho Tsai Fa No. 18, which had run aground on the reef during the night. But what’s most chilling is that her captain and crew were nowhere to be found. After investigations probed into the ship’s history, it became clear that something bigger was at play. The ship had been caught illegally fishing in the past, earning profits through underhand means – there were stories of murder, mutiny and lawbreaking. The owner was called to take responsibility, but before he could get the ship onto the water and back to its evil ways, assailants unknown came and burnt it to the sea. The ship might now be gone, but the reef and the beaches of Padang bear the scars of Bali’s karmic retribution, and the ghost of the ship’s sinister past. They say what goes around, comes around. Care to test the theory?4.jpg

Balinese Cemeteries
Bali’s darkest secret is perhaps the one most often concealed from tourists who view Bali as a paradise island. And this secret is the presence of Leak an evil witch spirit. As a child living in Bali, I knew that if you wanted to avoid Leak, you had to stay away from Balinese cemeteries. But one night, I decided to take a shortcut home through a field full moon celebration, and it was a decision I sorely regretted. Under the dim moonlight, I thought I saw a long-haired apparition digging around in the graves. What happened after that was a complete blank. I remembered running as though my life depended on it (which was really the case), before I came to the refuge of my home. Till now, I believe it was the recent blessing I received at the pura (temple) that saved my life or was I simply lucky?

Travel Alone To Bali, Why Not?

Fredom, do only what you want
Traveling alone means absolute freedom! We’ve heard horror travel stories about people quarreling over daily activities, while on vacation you can going to see a temple, beach, and visiting the zoo). When things like that happen, it has the effect of ruining the holiday mood.  On the other hand, when you travel alone, there’s no need to consider what other people want,  this trip is all about you. What you want to see, do, and experience. It can be invigorating as you decide where you want to go, and what you want to do! And if you feel like spending a whole day basking in the sun at one of Bali’s amazing hidden beaches, we say you do you.2.jpg

It’s an education with Balinese style
Travelling solo in Bali is an education you cannot get anywhere else. Yes, you’ll learn things like independence, or how to enjoy being alone, and even learn how to simply be in the present. But these things can also be learnt travelling solo in other parts of the world. Why Bali then? If you’ve ever been to Bali, you will have noticed that every corner of Bali is filled with art. From the humble handmade hanging decorations made of flowers leaves, to the carvings of the local woodcarver, and even shops and shops of handmade art the Balinese ooze with creativity, and art is life. If you’re the creative sort, or at least appreciate this, we would advise you to really consider travelling down alone. Spend your days wandering into the different art galleries, workshop, or even shop selling unique handmade trinke Hankering to learn something new? There are many places for you to learn traditional art techniques, how to make your own silver jewellery, cooking class or even artistic retreats to go on.3

In search of peace, positive energy, and stress relief?  It’s an Eat, Pray, Love kinda thing.
Yes, yes, you’ve probably definitely heard of Julia Robert’s famous movie, Eat, Pray, Love. And honestly, having your very own Eat, Pray, Love experience is something you should consider. Why, you ask? If you’re in that place where you need some peace – possibly to heal from a bad breakup, or even just to get away from everyday stresses, Bali is full of the most peaceful temples or Ashrams. We say, visit a spiritual retreat – Anand Ashram Ubud, and soak up the positive spiritual energy. You will enjoy the tranquility  the calming, lulling strains of birdsong; flowing waters; and even the sonorous chime of bells.4

Reason To Travel To Bali

Beautiful temple to stir the soul
With an estimate of more than 10.000 temples in Bali, you will not have to walk far to find a temple no matter where in Bali you are staying. Among the 10.000 there’s everything from tiny shrines to big temple complexes and the diversity is among Bali’s temples is huge. Watch the thousands of bats resting in a rock cave at Pura Goa Lawah, at Pura Tirta Empul you can experience whorshippers purifying themselves in the temples large pool, get that perfect photo at Pura Ulun Danu Bratan or enjoy the magical sunsets at Tanah Lot or Pura Luhur. The temples listed below are among Bali’s most famous and popular temples and all worth a visit, but there at plenty of other temples to see. It can be just as interesting to visit some of Bali’s less visited temples, where you can soak in the atmosphere without the buzz from other visitors.1

The full spectrum of culinary satisfactions
Bali’s most renowned dishes, made rich by the heavy use of local herbs and spices, are traditionally eaten during the colorful Hindu ceremonies that punctuate life on the Indonesian island. Dining out is a relatively recent development in Bali  a few generations ago people may have grabbed take away from warungs (small shops and restaurants) but generally did not go out to eat. These days though, plenty of classic dishes are served everywhere from tiny warungs through to high end restaurants, making it easy for travelers to savor the flavors of real Balinese cuisine.2

The myriad of shopping options
Bali also happens to be a shopper’s paradise. The plethora of artists, artisans and handicrafts is overwhelming. Villages dotted across the island specialize in batik, baskets, silver, stonework, woodcarving and paintings. If you do not have time to tour the island then markets are always a glimpse into the soul of a place and there are plenty available to scour for bargains.Ubud market is probably one of the most popular with travellers as it’s in the middle of town. Recently renovated, it is clean and new but has now lost a little of its rambling charm and the influx of tour buses has driven prices up. It’s still a great place to find a large selection of sarongs, basket ware, general handicrafts and small presents.3

Bali Vegan Festival 2016

The Bali Vegan Festival is dedicated to the proposition that World Peace starts with each of us cultivating an inner sense of compassion for ourselves and others, and that this compassion starts when we stop killing animals for food. The Bali Vegan Festival is to celebrate all things organic, macrobiotic, raw and vegan. The festival is open for anyone who wants to contribute, to explore, or to broaden their knowledge of this incredible way of life. Because of the overwhelming attendance and positive reactions last year, this year’s festival will take place over three days. The days will be filled with music, delicious and responsible food, yoga, dancing, eye-opening lectures, various workshops and much more.

2.jpgThe Bali Vegan Festival will be held over 3 days and 2 venues from the 7th-9th October in Ubud. Paradiso Ubud and The Green Fields in Pengosekan will be a hub of activities over the weekend, and we welcome vegans and non-vegans alike. The festival will unite world-class vegan chefs, yoga teachers, healers, musicians, comedians, environmentalists and vegan lifestyle enthusiasts from all walks of life and all across the globe. This year’s festival will take place over three days and across two venues. Paradiso, Bali’s unique cultural center combines a movie theater, live performance space, raw vegan bar, shop and a private event facility. Located in the heart of Ubud, Paradiso was designed as a large art venue and incorporating the world’s first vegetarian cinema. A second outdoor venue is also currently under construction and will have the capacity to hold thousands more attendees, as well as a stage and workshop space.

3.jpgSome of the highlights from the weekend include free daily yoga classes, talks from renowned vegans including James Aspey and Head of the Indonesian Vegetarian Society Dr. Susianto, Qigong Healing Meditation, cooking classes, comedy, salsa, a vegan fashion show and much more!A perfect family day out, our kids activities include a children’s circus, specialised yoga classes, movie screenings and a magic show. Each day culminates with music from some of Bali’s best musicians and DJ’s including Aray Daulay and Cozi Till!


Balinale Festival 2016

Thought provoking and award winning independent films from around the world from all genres of fiction, documentary, feature, and others will highlight the 10th Annual Bali International Film Festival or BALINALE 2016. This highly anticipated film festival will be held from 24th to 30th September 2016 centered at the Cinemaxx, a state of the art five studio multiplex theater capable of exhibiting in 2D & 3D and located at the popular and conveniently located Lippo Mall Kuta Jl. Kartika Plaza, South Kuta Beach, Bali.In Celebration of a Decade of BALINALE, the theme chosen for this year’s festival is “No Boundaries”  a bold statement that illustrates that there are no limits to creativity and the means of expression.The Balinale Festival seeks to increase Bali’s recognition as a film and arts destination and Indonesia as a filmmaker’s preferred location. Acknowledged as a leading tourism promoter of Bali and boasting the country’s unique destinations, world-class facilities, services and infrastructure, the Festival acts as a strong platform to present Indonesian culture, quality handicrafts, products and talented individuals to the world.

4.jpgBALINALE kicks into high gear unveiling a diverse selection of remarkable films from around the globe. Over 100 films from 31 countries will be represented during this year’s program. In an effort to promote growth of Indonesian Cinema, BALINALE’s Indonesian Submissions Grant resulted in an increased number of local entries to over 20 for the 2016 calendar. Drawing on its 2016 running theme No Boundaries BALINALE selected unique quality Indonesian & international films as the keystone of its program to promote art as a tool to transcend borders and bridge the gaps between global communitie.

23BALINALE actively participates and contributes to other industry events developing affiliations with Motion Picture Association, Asia Pacific Screen Awards (Brisbane, Australia), ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards (Kuching, Malaysia), Asian Film Commissions Network (20 member countries), American Film Showcase and Sundance Institute’s Film Forward. The festival holds the honor of receiving the endorsement of the National and Provincial Government for its proven efforts in delivering cultural, political and economic benefits to the country.

ULTRA Beach Bali 2016

The official 2015 aftermovie and dates for Ultra Bali 2016 have just ben revealed.Potato Head Beach Club is located in the wonderful coastal town of Seminyak, Bali and already hosted Ultra Bali in 2015, with heavyweights Skrillex, Alesso, Fedde Le Grand or A-Trak headlining the event. This year’s edition will host three stages  the prolific Ultra Main Stage, which will see international headliners perform, the Resistance Stage for more underground electronic music, and the UMF Radio Stage, which will host local and regional talents.

2.jpgWith six events set to run inside nine days this September, ULTRA Worldwide is shaping up for one of the biggest months in its history. With elements of the lineup for Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore already confirmed, the festival behemoth can now reveal their lineups for Road to ULTRA Taiwan, ULTRA Beach Bali and Road to ULTRA Philippines.

3Having launched their eight-stop Asia tour back in June at ULTRA Korea and a SOLD-OUT crowd at Road to ULTRA Thailand, ULTRA Worldwide’s extraordinary journey will continue in September with the two-day ULTRA Beach Bali. Hosted again at the idyllic Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak on September 15-16, the venue will feature three of the most diverse stages in electronic music, with ULTRA’s Main Stage, RESISTANCE Stage and UMF Radio Stage. Headlining proceedings across the two sun-soaked days will be Afrojack, deadmau5, Dubfire and Martin Garrix.

4The magical Ultra Music Festival is coming back for the second edition of Ultra Beach Bali at the Island of The Gods! Held at the chic Potatohead Beach Club in Seminyak, Ultra Bali 2016 promises to be a party to remember. While soaking in the stunning shorelines of Bali and the pulsating beat of music, revellers from all over the world are expected to become Bali ‘Ultranauts’ yet again. viagogo is the destination to get your tickets to this festival, Ultra Beach Bali’s Official International Ticketing Partner. Stay tuned for updates to the Ultra Beach Bali 2016 lineup and select a date to view the range of tickets and festival passes available. All Ultra Bali 2016 tickets are covered by the viagogo guarantee!

SoundrenAline 2016 “Louder Than Ever”

SoundrenAline 2016 is the biggest music festival in Indonesia, a melting pot to gather musicians of great quality with distinct character from different backgrounds. The crowds will be presented with thrilling stage actions of various music genre, powered by high-class stage, lighting, and sound set ups. SoundrenAline 2016 promises to bring more special collaboration performances involving cross-genre and cross-generation musicians. This year, SoundrenAline also invites international musicians. SoundrenAline 2016, also takes the spectators to appreciate photography, visual, and style arts through various activities for a unique experience.

2.jpgThe first SoundrenAline held in 2002 at the East Parking Senayan, Jakarta. This music festival relying on the stage and lighting and concert content that is different from the others. As written in SoundrenAline site, this year to make this event more  interesting  there will be a special collaboration from the musicians. Until this news was revealed the details of the concept still has not been announced.

4.jpgFusing various talents and genres from every level of Indonesian talents, SoundrenAline 2016 is going to be louder than ever, bringing more hype on and off the stage of the biggest Indonesian music festival. Themed “Dari Lo, Buat Lo“, a combination of collaboration were made with the community to bring a more unique experience for the showgoers. Working with DDHEAR, Local Brand.Co.Id, and Catalyst Arts to bring more creative doers into the mix in the already most regarded music festival in Indonesia.

3.jpgClaiming the stage with some of the big names in the music industry such as Mocca, Naif, /rif, Sheila on 7, Maliq & D’Essentials, Dipha Barus, Efek Rumah Kaca, Goodnight Electric, Isyana Saraswati, Kotak, Neonomora, RAN, Tulus, DJ Yasmin, Shaggydog, NTRL, and White Shoes & The Couples Company – Soundrenaline also introduces new talents to the stage in the likes of BARASUARA, Elephant Kind, Kelompok Penerbang Roket,  Stars and Rabbit, and DDHEAR. Taking place in Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Bali on September 3rd & 4th, SoundrenAline should be on the top of your go to list this year.

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